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Carrying and manoeuvring heavy objects or machinery on a development site can easily cause significant issues if you do not have the correct lifting equipment. But using Genie SLA lift hire in Coventry might well provide the answer to many of your working at height issues.

Mechanical and electrical engineers along with specialists in Coventry typically have to raise heavy products to ceiling areas to help them finish their projects; hiring a Genie SLA Lift makes getting heavy equipment into position a doddle.

Genie lift hire Coventry

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Whitmore park, Edgewick, Earlsdon, Holbrooks, Longford, Radford, Whitley, Brownshill green, Wyken, Finham and surrounding areas.

This neat, compact piece of kit is easy to use and even simpler to operate. It has a lifting height of up to 26ft. You may not think you are able to afford to get such equipment particularly if you are completing a one-off job, however hiring the Genie SLA Lift is just straightforward telephone call away. You can rest-assured that the kit will be on site in perfect working order, set to use next day guaranteed. It is the obvious answer if you are on a short-term contract.

The Genie SLA Lift has a variety of accessories, including the Genie access platform, all of which are specifically created to make it extremely safe and secure which will certainly to ease the burden on your working day.

You no longer need to fret about raising substantial loads– the Genie SLA Lift has a lifting capability of close to 300kg, so it is more than capable of elevating anything you have to get the job done.

By having a patented telescopic mast system and a captive stabilizer set, it means the heavy-duty design fulfills all the safety requirements, making it exceedingly durable and extremely stable.

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The equipment is so compact it fits effortlessly through a normal door and the legs fold down so it can be stored away securely. And you have both maneuverability and protection provided by the roller wheels which have swivel locks and side brakes for additional safety.

Selecting Genie SLA hire means you will certainly have the ability to construct the equipment fast so you can get on with the project in hand and the set up needs no added devices so you will not find yourself needing to compensate for any lost equipment at the end of the day. Working the kit is so simple– it merely operates making use of a one speed manual winch.

Genie SLA hire available for just 70 plus transport

The Genie SLA Lift has a worldwide proven track record when it comes to handling hefty goods, it is the ideal safe and secure option for all your substantial lifting requirements.

All Genie lift hire prices are plus VAT and Transport.